Founded in 2019, Greco Supply, orginally Supply Drop, is a streetwear label based out of Norwalk, CT. Inspired by retro pop culture, film, and media, Greco Supply aims to offer their own unique spin on urban streetwear fashion. By incorporating sleek and comfortable materials with one-of-a-kind design applications, Greco Supply provides a seamless partnership between top notch quality and creative expression.

 Greco Supply was founded by Stathi Panagiotidis, a recent college graduate and avid streetwear guru with a love and passion for the streetwear culture. Stathi became immersed in streetwear as early as 10 years old, when his cousins gave him his first The Hundreds t-shirt, the ultimate hand-me-down. Ever since, his fascination and artistic commitment has driven him to become a part of the streetwear club. Greco Supply is seen as an extension to Stathi, a culmination of his thoughts and experiences. His goal is for provide everyone with a product they know comes with a story of meaning, care, and prosperity. 

The switch from Supply Drop to Greco Supply came from Stathi's Instagram persona for his design page. Under the alias GrecoBoy, Stathi would manage his portfolio by releasing his art on his page. Inspired by other Instagram designers who coined their own personas, Stathi wanted to unite his designs and his brand to create Greco Supply, an entity comprised of both a creative studio and a streetwear label. As Greco Supply moves forward, we can't overlook the foundation Supply Drop put in place to expand our community and welcome people into the Greco Guild.