Greco Dolphins FC

You may be wondering why we chose a dolphin as the mascot of a fictional soccer team. Believe it or not, the national animal of Greece is in fact a dolphin, potentially having to do with their cultural relevance and importance, a surprising fact we wanted to intwine in the details of the collection. 

The collection will consist of a soccer jersey emblazoned with Greco Dolphin insignia, along with a modern warm-up jacket sporting additional team branding

Keeping within the Greco brand guidelines, bright blues are meshed together on the jersey to create a popping gradient that will make for a stand-out display. 

The track jacket is meant to be a bit more menacing, applying a black + blue gradient that makes for an intimidating entrance. 

As a bit of a surprise, sets of custom Greco Playing Cards will also release in conjunction with the Greco Dolphin collection. Add some Greco to your game night. 

RELEASING May 28th, 2021