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Some of the the most prolific art and design techniques came out of Ancient Greece. Building upon that traditional taste, Greco Supply was created upon not only a love for design, but sharing it as well. The word "greco" literally means to be in association with Greek heritage culture, and tradition. We owe our eye for design to our European upbringing and cannot deny the role art played in growing our brand. Greek art and culture inspired us, and has turned us into the designers we are today.

The dictionary definition of "supply" is the act or process of filling a want or need. Too often in life, we follow the status quo, pushing our utmost desires and passions to the side for "practicality" and so-called "reason". F*** that. Listen to YOURSELF. Look out for YOURSELF. DO what YOU want to do. Avoid the crowd. Move in silence.

Here at Greco Supply, we take the ancient love of art and design to a whole 'nother level...